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Site News and Reviews 3rd Edition
Posted on 04 December, 2008 at There are already 5 Comments

About the Show

In the 3rd Edition of news and reviews we talk about Google being inches away from a massive legal battle, our racing endeavour this weekend and more.

Below are links that we mention in the video:

User Comments

Bjørn Endre's Gravatar

Bjørn Endre    04 Dec, 2008 15:40:07 PM

Nice show guys! However, I think you should try to get a small clip-on microphone to better the sound quality. ;)

Brad's Gravatar

Brad    04 Dec, 2008 16:14:49 PM

new sponsors header on right needs a drop shadow :)

David Perel's Gravatar

David Perel    04 Dec, 2008 16:22:22 PM

@Brad - I cannot believe I missed that. Fixed. [runs and hides in the 'dunce' corner]

Deab's Gravatar

Deab    05 Dec, 2008 11:52:55 AM


Blake Samic's Gravatar

Blake Samic    06 Dec, 2008 20:25:13 PM

Nice vid dudes. You guys look like Daft Punk in those helmets :-)

I love the site design. Keep rockin'. Let's do that AT/FTC vid soon.