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Picking colors for your design
Posted on 23 February, 2009 at 10:15 AM There are already 19 Comments

About the Show

David shows you how he picks his colours for web and logo designs.

Basically David consults the guru of colour pickers wherever and whenever he wants. It is usually always right and have all the variations you can think of. 'It' is called Mother Nature.

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User Comments

william's Gravatar

william    23 Feb, 2009 11:47:04 AM

Hi Awsome video, i have the same problem with the color but this has helped me alot.

Thanks and keep the good work up

datelus's Gravatar

datelus    23 Feb, 2009 14:31:25 PM

Yes, that's a good tip :) Thanks

Alex's Gravatar

Alex    23 Feb, 2009 15:34:46 PM

great tip, will try this technique out, thanks!

AthenaEmily's Gravatar

AthenaEmily    23 Feb, 2009 18:19:16 PM

Cool! I am also suck at finding the right colours too... Thx for the tip!! Flickr time i guess...

David Perel's Gravatar

David Perel    23 Feb, 2009 19:04:29 PM

Glad we could help!

Niki 's Gravatar

Niki    23 Feb, 2009 20:17:59 PM

Such a smart idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

What about a Part 2 to this tip? Color application can be such a subjective process with designers. I would love to see your method behind selecting which color fits which element on a layout.

Tony Oravet's Gravatar

Tony Oravet    23 Feb, 2009 20:59:03 PM

Thanks so much for this great tip. I also have a hard time finding the right color scheme mainly because I more of a developer than graphic artist and this is a great way to help me with that!

Thanks for the great post and the always interesting videos.

Philip Rawson's Gravatar

Philip Rawson    23 Feb, 2009 21:19:06 PM

I've used similar techniques for creating color schemes. It's nice to see professionals such as yourselves using methods that I myself, a lone freelancer, use. :p

I like the short and simple screen casts you put up, they help teach valuable lessons in a nutshell.

Hugh Collier's Gravatar

Hugh Collier    24 Feb, 2009 00:53:43 AM

Great video. I often find myself designing something and then totally scrapping the colour scheme I've gone for - sometimes I do this 2, 3 or more times. I'm going to try this out with my next project.

Picking the right type of image to begin with is obviously important too. Example: Designing CD artwork for a tranquil, melancholy folk band I'd think starting off with an image that evokes similar emotions as the music would help - maybe an underwater scene, or a snowy mountain range even. Whereas designing a brochure for a sports car company would require something completely different - something more in your face - perhaps a volcano erupting or the Aurora or something.

All in all a very helpful video that's really got me thinking. Cheers!

liam's Gravatar

liam    24 Feb, 2009 18:11:37 PM

Yeah, a brilliant method for sure. Nice work man.

Gopal Raju's Gravatar

Gopal Raju    24 Feb, 2009 18:49:12 PM

Nice tips!

Gopal Raju www.productivedreams.com twitter.com/gopalraju

Navdeep's Gravatar

Navdeep    24 Feb, 2009 19:10:15 PM

Nice tip. There are tools out there that lets you generate a palette from an image like www.degraeve.com/color-palette/

Harrison McLeod's Gravatar

Harrison McLeod    25 Feb, 2009 07:44:28 AM

This is a great method and one I can't wait to try out on my next project. I'm always picking colors on the fly and then writing down or trying to remember which ones I've used.

I've looked at color palette generators too and doing it this way seems so much more effective.


aravind's Gravatar

aravind    25 Feb, 2009 18:03:02 PM

great tip.. I usually depend on colorlovers.com choosing colors.. and it's really working for me.. I often create my own palette as well.. No gotta try this trick to create more palettes.. ;)

Mark Forrester's Gravatar

Mark Forrester    25 Feb, 2009 21:25:34 PM

Nice different way of picking colour palettes guys. Definitely shows a little more creative flair than just visiting colourlovers.com or kuler.adobe.com and picking a pre-defined palette.

Also on a side note your video production is far, far better - good sound and video quality. You guys really are producing some great, professional content. Keep it up!

David Perel's Gravatar

David Perel    25 Feb, 2009 21:30:16 PM

@Mark - Hey Mark! Thanks for the props dude. I so sincerely wish that we had a proper video cam to shoot the Woo episode. Maybe one day we can do a return interview once Woo have taken over the Woorld (<- too corny). Can we get the exclusive?

idale's Gravatar

idale    26 Feb, 2009 08:03:58 AM

Been slack in watching your vids lately, but this one caught my attention. Enjoyed the tip and will certainly try out your technique when I next plot a design....

Alex's Gravatar

Alex    27 Feb, 2009 19:27:28 PM

I gotta try this out, I'm pretty color blind and have been guilty of taking colors from sites, then find out that it never works for me. Cool stuff

themisfit's Gravatar

themisfit    06 Mar, 2009 01:14:26 AM

thanks for the great tip, this is great!