Obox Signature Series - $50 for pure quality

Obox Signature Series
Posted on 24 February, 2009 at 17:03 PM There are already 20 Comments

About the Show

Marc and David talk about over spec'ing your sites and make a huge announcement about the Obox Signature Series.

The Obox Signature Series is our limited edition Wordpress Premium Theme brand. Its controversial and we want to hear your thoughts.

Fire away.

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James Deer's Gravatar

James Deer    24 Feb, 2009 17:17:56 PM

Is this for WP or your OCX Live thingy? The limited edition sounds good though, perhaps even less than 50 :)

meredith's Gravatar

meredith    24 Feb, 2009 17:23:37 PM

thumbs up to you guys. what ever you're doing to perceive self importance, it's working for you.

i'm going to want your theme. i don't need your sketches though. :)


Kimberly Beaven's Gravatar

Kimberly Beaven    24 Feb, 2009 17:32:58 PM

Hey Guys,

Well I love the signature theme idea and creating a sense of exclusivity is a great way to start a theme frenzy. Of course, I am hoping I might be privy to one, I mean no strong arm here, just a little subtle request. Did I mention I make a great cheesecake? :)

By the way David, I could probably kick your butt with the chipping - I cannot putt but I chip and drive well. When in Canada, you're on!

Will Arbuckle's Gravatar

Will Arbuckle    24 Feb, 2009 17:48:37 PM

Some really stunning hills around your studio, nice location to work in!

liam's Gravatar

liam    24 Feb, 2009 17:58:01 PM

Good points guy's, very well put! Fantastic that you're limiting the downloads, brave. But I think it's a great idea! Looking forward to seeing it!

Rob MacKay's Gravatar

Rob MacKay    24 Feb, 2009 17:59:32 PM

Theme's, wordpress thats so yesterday...

You guys obvioulsy have a future in pitch and putt!

FORE! (is that how you spell it... *shugs*)

Great vid, I would say 50-75 downloads :)

Marc Perel's Gravatar

Marc Perel    24 Feb, 2009 18:06:22 PM

@James - The theme will be a Wordpress theme mate. Personally; I also agree, I think less than 50 themes...

@Kimberly - I think Dave'll be keen, let me just get him a ticket quickly ;;)

@Will - I know, it's terrible - we have do deal with this every day: twitpic.com/1nzhu

Thanks for all the comments guys :D

David Perel's Gravatar

David Perel    24 Feb, 2009 18:09:25 PM

This is incredible. I never expected this kind of response :) Makes me happy indeed.

Chad (@poweredbysteam)'s Gravatar

Chad (@poweredbysteam)    24 Feb, 2009 18:36:56 PM

I think it's an intriguing idea. Thinking about it from the other side, from client side, it makes it more lucrative in that there won't be many sites that feature the same underlying theme, which gives it an advantage over something big like thesis or something free. Or even paid ones like at Woo.

Good idea all around, I think.

Analiza's Gravatar

Analiza    24 Feb, 2009 18:37:20 PM

Agreed, simplicity is the key :)

Can't wait for the themes, brilliant idea with regards to making them more "exclusive". I would say between 50-75 downloads should do it.

Cheers guys, keep up the great work, love these shows! LOL @ the golf challenge...

Liam Fitzgerald's Gravatar

Liam Fitzgerald    24 Feb, 2009 20:21:07 PM

Hey guys,

The signature series sounds cool. I think you should make the download limit some random uneven number like 71, 68 or maybe one that has some significance to you. 50 is just too boring. How are you going to prevent people from stealing and modding the theme though?


Liam www.from-the-floor-of-the-pub.com

: )

Adam Daniel Mezei's Gravatar

Adam Daniel Mezei    24 Feb, 2009 21:05:54 PM

This is now the second clip I've watched and you guys are drop-dead sensational!!! Give yourself several rounds of applause and a swig of the grog, but mix it with water, m'kay?

In point form -- since I know you don't have the time to read a more prosaic entry -- ach yo, the death of literature, eh? But don't you like reading J.M. Coetzee? ::: I do. Yum! :::

1) That vista out towards the bay is exceptional! I'm coming down for a site inspection. Class trip!!! So it's decided then! ::: Where is Table Mountain in relation to your bunker, soldiers? :::

2) You *really* do broadcast from the couch! I didn't even realize...

3) Whatever happened to the XX Chromosomal Units in the office? I know, I know, don't tell me -- you're too distracted by the females, ergo, there aren't any to be found at HQ. Either that, or the gals are out driving Miss Daisy in the Audi.

From Prague, ADM

Adam Daniel Mezei's Gravatar

Adam Daniel Mezei    24 Feb, 2009 21:07:33 PM

Even the way the comments are "teleported" to the comment screen -- bubbling up from the surface, like a hologram or Nightcrawler from X-Men (no, I'm not drunk!).

Even that effect rules...

What's it like to be from Planet From the Couch?

--ADM in Astonished Gobsmackedness

David Perel's Gravatar

David Perel    24 Feb, 2009 22:00:19 PM

@Liam F - We have no idea how we will stop people from stealing the themes but we will try and keep our eyes open. We will probably give the download count an number which has some significance (my racing number was 38, Marc's was 48)... we will see :P

@Adam - We read every comment and always try to reply to each one :P Thanks very much for your kind words in both your comments. Table Mountain is to our right hand side when we face the bay& we have the best view in the world. That is where all our inspiration comes from :P

Our sister works for us when we need her to lend a hand: www.obox-design.com/team.cfm

Thanks again and we hope to see you around soon!

Hugh Collier's Gravatar

Hugh Collier    25 Feb, 2009 00:08:37 AM

Hey guys,

Nice idea making the theme exclusive. It's always a problem that the best themes are also the most popular - though I hope never to encounter these problems again after discovering the sandbox theme which my limited(ish) CSS skills are allowing me to pretty much turn it into anything I want! Anyway, if I were you, I'd make it real exclusive and limit it to like 15 or 20 downloads. That's what I'd call real exclusive!

P.S I'd love to see the sketches too!

Max Stanworth's Gravatar

Max Stanworth    25 Feb, 2009 17:43:18 PM

Good stuff, Cant really stop people from stealing the theme right? but i guess the novelty of being one of the people who gets to download the theme is where its at, not sure how many you should release but just remember not every one who downloads the theme may actually use it and may just download it to have it and analyse it, if you get what i mean and may limit how many copies are used for the world to see. but then again it is the signature series and is a really good way to get some recognition. good work guys.

That mountain in the background is just a back drop you guys put up for the video, its not actaully there, right? :p

Marc Perel's Gravatar

Marc Perel    25 Feb, 2009 17:55:03 PM

@Max - Sorry mate, that's really the view from our offices.

Joey Sichol's Gravatar

Joey Sichol    25 Feb, 2009 20:59:37 PM

Like Max said, I wouldn't limit the number of downloads, but somehow try to limit the number of theme installations. I download a lot of themes, just to check out the inner workings, but I redesign rarely...

I have no clue on the real numbers, but I doubt more than 1% of people who download a theme actually modify and install it.

Talya Goldberg's Gravatar

Talya Goldberg    01 Mar, 2009 18:17:09 PM

I love this idea! When I was interning at Tretchikoff, we were doing a similar thing, we came up with The Tretchi Masterpiece Collection, also limited edition. Nothing better than making people want what they cant have, you guys are going to be so hugeee its ridiculous, hope its blowing your mind ;) Check out Visionaire magazine, think you will love them -->> www.visionaireworld.com/index.php they are super exclusive, come out quarterly and start at about $1200 each, they only do a run of 2000, which makes them collector items! P.S. In the next episode don't forget to get peeps to vote for you on the SA Blog awards!

Commercial Satellite TV's Gravatar

Commercial Satellite TV    18 Dec, 2009 05:50:50 AM

Is this true ?