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How to Style Wordpress Threaded Comments
Posted on 15 April, 2009 at 16:27 PM There are already 7 Comments

About the Show

David teaches you how to style threaded Wordpress comments using CSS and HTML.

You can download the HTML and CSS files by clicking here.

User Comments

Rob MacKay's Gravatar

Rob MacKay    15 Apr, 2009 17:14:34 PM

Excellent CSS layout for that - it links so nicely to the HTML visually. Its a hard one to explain, its something that when you get it, it just clicks - but when you are struggling with is evil.. Kind of like learning positioning...

Chris M's Gravatar

Chris M    15 Apr, 2009 18:25:48 PM

Nice tutorial David, I'm curious.. Are you going to do a follow up article on actually building this into Wordpress using the Wordpress functions and loops in comments.php ?

That would be rad! But ya, lekker start, the css is always a b1tch for this :)

Alin Ivana's Gravatar

Alin Ivana    15 Apr, 2009 19:36:05 PM

Real good one, good tutorials, like always.

David Perel's Gravatar

David Perel    16 Apr, 2009 10:32:33 AM

@Chris - Marc will hopefully be extending on this tutorial next week. We are just flat out insane busy at the moment with Wordpress conversions. Prep for a tut like this takes about an 1hr or so, so he will make some time next week :)

Desizntech's Gravatar

Desizntech    17 Apr, 2009 05:46:21 AM

very nice tut. I liked it Thanks

Alex Mitchell's Gravatar

Alex Mitchell    17 Apr, 2009 10:41:31 AM

Nice, clearly explained tutorial. Wish I found this when I was battling setting up our blogs comments! Look forward to Part II as well, when you manage it. Keep up the great work!

Alex | @ZenElements

David Perel's Gravatar

David Perel    23 Apr, 2009 19:06:00 PM

A follow up to this Tutorial will be up soon. Marc uses the "Wordpress Threaded Comments" HTML to show you the steps which he takes when converting an HTML file into a dynamic wordpress compatible .php page.