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Hash One our first Limited Edition Wordpress Theme
Posted on 26 March, 2009 at 16:50 PM There are already 170 Comments

About the Show

'Hash One' is the first theme to come out of the Obox Signature Series. This theme is aimed at those who want their personal blog to stand out well above the rest with a unique design which has a subtle, stylish impact on your visitors.

Sticking with the Obox Design style we have implemented all the elements which we have mentioned in our blog and video show. This includes the 'Gina Effect', The Ten Pixel Method, and correct margins & padding.

Along with an awesome design for your Wordpress blog, Hash One also includes video features. The home page will incorporate your five latest videos which uses slick jQuery effects to switch between each show.

Custom site features include:

  • Customizable homepage
  • Customizable Menu Structure
  • Custom and/or 3rd Party Advert Management
  • Threaded Comments
  • Featured Video Capabilities
  • Social links (Flickr and Twitter)
  • Social bookmarking and post promotion (digg, tweetmeme etc.)
  • Insert your Google analytics code
  • Widgetized Sidebar


By entering this competition you will stand a chance to win 1 of 35 copies of the Hash One theme. Simply follow the three step process below in order to participate:

  1. Tweet the following text: "Enter to win a copy of the limited edition Wordpress theme 'Hash One' - http://tinyurl.com/hashone"
  2. Visit your profile page and get the direct link to the tweet you just made.
  3. Paste the tweet URL into the comment form below along with a message relevant to this video and press post.

And there you have it, you have officially entered the competition! Good Luck! Winners will be selected through a random draw!!

Please note closing date of this competition is Monday, March the 30th 2009.



Video Detail

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DISCLAIMER: While this theme is free, we will not support any issues which arise due to code/design/css customization. The intention of this series is that it is a limited edition, premium Wordpress theme which is exclusive to the winners of this competition, please do not replicate or redistribute this themes design. This theme does not support Internet Explorer 6 and does not come with the original PSD files.

User Comments

frujo's Gravatar

frujo    26 Mar, 2009 15:58:46 PM

Love this theme! And also I adore the IE6 bashing idea! Cool.

I'm in! twitter.com/frujo/status/1394421584

Matty's Gravatar

Matty    26 Mar, 2009 15:59:18 PM


First. :)

Nice one guys. The theme looks really awesome. Here's to many more. :)

sdwrage's Gravatar

sdwrage    26 Mar, 2009 15:59:50 PM


Saylor's Gravatar

Saylor    26 Mar, 2009 16:00:23 PM


Theme looks so tight!

You guys rock, as always.

Raoul de Jongh's Gravatar

Raoul de Jongh    26 Mar, 2009 16:01:38 PM


rock on! #1 on the vibe brothers...

the comments and the colors rock.

cant wait to see it all over. i will be tranforming www.urban-ninja.co.za into #1 Ninja if I win...

Aaron Irizarry's Gravatar

Aaron Irizarry    26 Mar, 2009 16:02:03 PM


Love the theme, I have just started adding video to my blog... so this is definitely something that I could put to some good use!

Congrats on a great design release!

SEOAndy's Gravatar

SEOAndy    26 Mar, 2009 16:02:30 PM


looks like a fantastic theme! seriously fantastic

mike's Gravatar

mike    26 Mar, 2009 16:02:35 PM

Great work guys, this is the link twitter.com/inspiredm/status/1394435115

Analiza's Gravatar

Analiza    26 Mar, 2009 16:03:28 PM

So excited about this theme, it looks absolutely awesome :)

Here's the link to my tweet: twitter.com/d3signar/status/1394430017

seoandy's Gravatar

seoandy    26 Mar, 2009 16:03:41 PM


edit to last message

Sanid 's Gravatar

Sanid    26 Mar, 2009 16:03:49 PM


Really cool theme, like the backend

keep o with this guys

CeuroK's Gravatar

CeuroK    26 Mar, 2009 16:08:32 PM


Excellent them, really excellent.

I want this theme badly, it's beautiful.

max's Gravatar

max    26 Mar, 2009 16:08:32 PM

Well done guys ! you rock - I'm so very glad to see you've gotten into WP !

Would love to see those php files - so here's my entry twitter.com/zbra/status/1394469015

Daryl SWS's Gravatar

Daryl SWS    26 Mar, 2009 16:09:03 PM


You guys rock ;o)

Shanna Korby's Gravatar

Shanna Korby    26 Mar, 2009 16:10:33 PM

Looks like a nice theme. Great colors.

eck0's Gravatar

eck0    26 Mar, 2009 16:13:57 PM


this is an awesome theme, I have been looking to do a blog redesign and this has all the functionality I have been looking for. esp like the social aspects of the theme, as well as the back end design. keep the videos rolling

alberto's Gravatar

alberto    26 Mar, 2009 16:14:01 PM

want it so bad... neatest around! love the integration video/ posts... wanna!! Thanks, also for inspiration, loads of it... Alberto! twitter.com/alberto/status/1394487418

Brad's Gravatar

Brad    26 Mar, 2009 16:17:32 PM


Nice theme, very chic.

rafiq's Gravatar

rafiq    26 Mar, 2009 16:19:05 PM

Here we go https://twitter.com/rafiq/status/1394527260

fingers crossed :)

Luke Hodsdon's Gravatar

Luke Hodsdon    26 Mar, 2009 16:19:16 PM

This theme looks great! It's got some great features!!


Creative Opera's Gravatar

Creative Opera    26 Mar, 2009 16:20:06 PM


Looks great!

Steve Workman's Gravatar

Steve Workman    26 Mar, 2009 16:22:17 PM


Looks brilliant, very nice and clean and full of features. Love it

Mike Duncan's Gravatar

Mike Duncan    26 Mar, 2009 16:22:37 PM



Tony Oravet's Gravatar

Tony Oravet    26 Mar, 2009 16:22:38 PM

Hey guys love the theme!


Hope to get a copy of this awesome theme! Keep up the great work guys!

Matthew's Gravatar

Matthew    26 Mar, 2009 16:23:07 PM

Great theme and cool idea for a contest. I hope it brings you a lot of new viewers!!


Jake's Gravatar

Jake    26 Mar, 2009 16:34:20 PM

Wow you have put loads of time and effort into this, It'd be great to have a copy.



Eric Fernandez R's Gravatar

Eric Fernandez R    26 Mar, 2009 16:35:03 PM


Fantastic stuff guys! I can't wait for the other themes as well.

Marc Perel's Gravatar

Marc Perel    26 Mar, 2009 16:35:41 PM


Ooooh I really hope I have a chance!

Matthew's Gravatar

Matthew    26 Mar, 2009 16:36:45 PM

Quite an impressive theme!


Would love to win a copy :)

Imran's Gravatar

Imran    26 Mar, 2009 16:38:10 PM


Hmm, Seems interesting..!

ORiOn's Gravatar

ORiOn    26 Mar, 2009 16:38:36 PM

I wold love to win one theme! It's amazing!!!


Thank you! Pedro Lopes

ORiOn's Gravatar

ORiOn    26 Mar, 2009 16:40:14 PM

Sorry, I posted the wrong link to twitter. Sorry! ^^ twitter.com/LibertyTuga/status/1394604179

ORiOn's Gravatar

ORiOn    26 Mar, 2009 16:42:27 PM

And again wrong link... bahh Sorry guys Can you delete the oder ones please?


madmax2600's Gravatar

madmax2600    26 Mar, 2009 16:44:17 PM

sorry i posted on the wrong page as well. stupid boy ;)


Bee's Gravatar

Bee    26 Mar, 2009 16:44:21 PM



Tylor's Gravatar

Tylor    26 Mar, 2009 16:49:29 PM


Glenn's Gravatar

Glenn    26 Mar, 2009 16:50:04 PM

Nice work on the theme. Very readable with a lot of good features.


Byron Slaybaugh's Gravatar

Byron Slaybaugh    26 Mar, 2009 16:51:24 PM

Love the theme guys. Keep up the awesome work!!!


idale's Gravatar

idale    26 Mar, 2009 16:51:40 PM


You will give me this theme You will give me this theme You will give me this theme You will give me this theme You will give me this theme...

Andrew Myers's Gravatar

Andrew Myers    26 Mar, 2009 16:53:12 PM

Looks like a cool theme.


danbaileyuk's Gravatar

danbaileyuk    26 Mar, 2009 16:54:35 PM

looks good


Andrew Gowans's Gravatar

Andrew Gowans    26 Mar, 2009 16:55:21 PM

I love your work guys. Keep it rolling.


Christopher's Gravatar

Christopher    26 Mar, 2009 16:57:42 PM


Can't wait for the drawing. Hope i win!

Liam Fitzgerald's Gravatar

Liam Fitzgerald    26 Mar, 2009 16:57:43 PM

Nice work guys. lets try to crash your server again ! : )


Justin Slack's Gravatar

Justin Slack    26 Mar, 2009 17:03:14 PM


Looks great guys. Featured video is a nice element.

Nick Steimling's Gravatar

Nick Steimling    26 Mar, 2009 17:04:34 PM



Shanna Korby's Gravatar

Shanna Korby    26 Mar, 2009 17:04:42 PM


Very nice looking theme. I like the admin panel.

Marc Forrest's Gravatar

Marc Forrest    26 Mar, 2009 17:09:42 PM


I'm in. Awesom theme

Rafael Nascimento Sampaio's Gravatar

Rafael Nascimento Sampaio    26 Mar, 2009 17:26:13 PM


Let's See that

John MacMenamin's Gravatar

John MacMenamin    26 Mar, 2009 17:38:05 PM


The theme looks amazing! Great Layout

Jacob's Gravatar

Jacob    26 Mar, 2009 17:39:48 PM

I love the customizable options!


George Garrastegui's Gravatar

George Garrastegui    26 Mar, 2009 17:54:41 PM


I love the customization of this theme and jquery stuff... also like the back end to make it more personal.


Rob Jackson's Gravatar

Rob Jackson    26 Mar, 2009 17:55:59 PM


Looks nice, We at Milestone Solutions are launching a new service, Milestone Blogs (Milestone-blogs.co.uk). As chief designer of Milestone Solutions, I've been scanning the web for some high-quality Wordpress themes for us to offer to our users, and I think this will be a great addition.

Even if we won't get a copy for our blog service, I personally am glad I tweeted it, that was more people see the competition and enter and it becomes much more fun !

Good Luck to all,

Rob Jackson Chief Designer, Milestone Solutions

John's Gravatar

John    26 Mar, 2009 18:07:40 PM


Mike Smith's Gravatar

Mike Smith    26 Mar, 2009 18:17:38 PM

I'm totally in. Told you this theme was awesome!


Steve Robillard's Gravatar

Steve Robillard    26 Mar, 2009 18:19:56 PM


love the new theme as a collectors item I will have to get it insured and make a class case to display it.

Teemu's Gravatar

Teemu    26 Mar, 2009 18:29:13 PM


Hash One Rules

Love the customizable options.

Jay Runquist's Gravatar

Jay Runquist    26 Mar, 2009 18:49:16 PM

Looks awesome!! CONGRATS! Hash One rules!


Yong Oh's Gravatar

Yong Oh    26 Mar, 2009 19:13:29 PM

That backend looks awesome.


Max Stanworth's Gravatar

Max Stanworth    26 Mar, 2009 19:17:42 PM

Too cool guys, the whole design and theme options is awesome!

Talya G's Gravatar

Talya G    26 Mar, 2009 19:43:47 PM


Its oh so very cool :) Well done to the three Perels, you deserve all the success in the world, for the amount of time, effort and love you put into all your projects!


Dan's Gravatar

Dan    26 Mar, 2009 19:45:38 PM


Great stuff guys, looks like a superb new theme, really sophisticated back end too.

bilish's Gravatar

bilish    26 Mar, 2009 19:47:05 PM


Free = awesome :)

Vincent Le Pes's Gravatar

Vincent Le Pes    26 Mar, 2009 20:10:24 PM


I really dig what you have done with your options panel...superb work, hope I win a copy!

Ricardo Chiappe's Gravatar

Ricardo Chiappe    26 Mar, 2009 20:20:29 PM

Love the theme... even more with actual interaction!. Two very important things: 1. Design: beautiful! and also love the way you explained every part of it. Details are really great. Contrasts and colours even better. Just Fantastic.

2. Back end: Really easy to setup and use. It's brilliant because almost any user can work with it.

my Tweet: twitter.com/6omma/status/1394431564

Congratulation to you guys. Keep the great work.

Saludos, Ricardo Chiappe

6omma.wordpress.com www.twitter.com/6omma

Alex's Gravatar

Alex    26 Mar, 2009 20:22:24 PM


Designs look very beautiful. I do not have a proper blog yet. As a start, i started to use twitter to do some real time recording of my linux and web development (soon) experiences. Then i am going to put them together in "articles". If i win, i will use the layout as a starting point to make the idea work.

Thank you very much! Whoever gets one of these is a lucky person!

dev.My's Gravatar

dev.My    26 Mar, 2009 20:23:01 PM


Your guy really Rock!

Adam's Gravatar

Adam    26 Mar, 2009 20:35:20 PM


Great looking theme. I def want a copy of it.

Rafael Nascimento Sampaio's Gravatar

Rafael Nascimento Sampaio    26 Mar, 2009 21:12:58 PM


Yes, me again, hope twitter dont mind because I have more of one tweet with the same content, but I wanna so much this theme.

Natalie Perel's Gravatar

Natalie Perel    26 Mar, 2009 21:13:36 PM

@Talya I really wish I could take some credit for this absolutely beautiful theme but Im afraid all goes to David and Marc! The amount of effort they have put into creating this theme has been amazing and has made their sister proud:)

Anyone who gets this theme is very lucky and will appreciate every hour and every weekend David and Marc have sacrificed to build it. Really amazing. Quality at its best;)

Natalie Perel's Gravatar

Natalie Perel    26 Mar, 2009 21:13:37 PM

@Talya I really wish I could take some credit for this absolutely beautiful theme but Im afraid all goes to David and Marc! The amount of effort they have put into creating this theme has been amazing and has made their sister proud:)

Anyone who gets this theme is very lucky and will appreciate every hour and every weekend David and Marc have sacrificed to build it. Really amazing. Quality at its best;)

Kirstin Butler's Gravatar

Kirstin Butler    26 Mar, 2009 21:15:14 PM

Great theme, guys. How many times can we enter?!

Rob MacKay's Gravatar

Rob MacKay    26 Mar, 2009 21:17:57 PM

Seriously good work there guys... David it looks pretty and all, but Marc, backend brillance! :)


Arturo Pelayo's Gravatar

Arturo Pelayo    26 Mar, 2009 21:26:58 PM

I have been using standard Wordpress themes for a while.I think the integration with Twitter, flikr and video is great and I can put it to good use!



Topher Kohan's Gravatar

Topher Kohan    26 Mar, 2009 21:48:34 PM


Love this

.chonchon's Gravatar

.chonchon    26 Mar, 2009 22:06:00 PM

Hey guys!

Awesome first premium team, really great job !!

My tweet : twitter.com/chonchon12/status/1396458540



.chonchon's Gravatar

.chonchon    26 Mar, 2009 22:07:26 PM

oups, was "awesome first premium theme" lol ;)

JudgeMENTAL zine's Gravatar

JudgeMENTAL zine    26 Mar, 2009 22:19:44 PM

The new design makes me salivate at its yumminess!


JudgeMENTAL zine's Gravatar

JudgeMENTAL zine    26 Mar, 2009 22:32:04 PM

thanks for the heads up ;)


Rob's Gravatar

Rob    26 Mar, 2009 23:32:41 PM

There's nothing like a good competition to bring a lurker out of hiding ;).


Sam's Gravatar

Sam    26 Mar, 2009 23:37:59 PM

With the blury screenshots of HashOne, I wasn't too sure of the theme, but having seen it in all it's (Video) glory, I must say, I'm very impressed. One of the best themes I've seen in a while (I know this sounds like a suck up post, but it honestly is fantastic).

Awesome Job!


Mark's Gravatar

Mark    26 Mar, 2009 23:39:27 PM

Can't wait to see this in action!


kit's Gravatar

kit    27 Mar, 2009 01:32:47 AM

Oh I want to be so worthy and win a copy of this theme, it is beautiful.

please goddess, this is the - one-

Kit twitter.com/kitmiller/status/1397619481

Tushardeep's Gravatar

Tushardeep    27 Mar, 2009 01:47:46 AM


The theme looks great... Would obviously like to have it for my blog.


Richie's Gravatar

Richie    27 Mar, 2009 02:06:23 AM

Awesome theme! I wanna have it!


MoneyWise's Gravatar

MoneyWise    27 Mar, 2009 04:52:06 AM

Sweet!!!I just entered the competition.


Nathan Barnhart's Gravatar

Nathan Barnhart    27 Mar, 2009 05:02:27 AM


Great work, front and back! I've got my fingers crossed!

Rafael Nascimento Sampaio's Gravatar

Rafael Nascimento Sampaio    27 Mar, 2009 05:20:18 AM


Three times means that every 30 person i have one chance to win

Rafael Nascimento Sampaio's Gravatar

Rafael Nascimento Sampaio    27 Mar, 2009 05:27:25 AM

Paste it on your address bar

twitter.com/home/?status="Enter to win a copy of the limited edition Wordpress theme 'Hash One' - tinyurl.com/hashone"

This fill your update field with the phrase "Enter to win a copy of the limited edition Wordpress theme 'Hash One' - tinyurl.com/hashone"

To save time to you

Khayyam Wakil's Gravatar

Khayyam Wakil    27 Mar, 2009 09:19:10 AM



Nicely done... I love the #grid work

Daniel's Gravatar

Daniel    27 Mar, 2009 11:11:47 AM


Really good job! What makes Hash One a great theme isn't just a great design and bunch of powerful features, it's the escence of it.


Garetht Trufitt's Gravatar

Garetht Trufitt    27 Mar, 2009 11:59:33 AM

Looks like a very nice theme indeed! Good luck! twitter.com/gtrufitt/status/1400069915

Jacques Bruwer's Gravatar

Jacques Bruwer    27 Mar, 2009 12:37:32 PM


Nice work guys. Nice to see all the work coming together


Giles's Gravatar

Giles    27 Mar, 2009 13:18:06 PM


can't wait to see this live, you guys are crushing it!

pat yourselves on the back :D


Sam's Gravatar

Sam    27 Mar, 2009 13:45:15 PM

well played


Dave Graham's Gravatar

Dave Graham    27 Mar, 2009 13:53:46 PM


love the theme

Vishesh Kumar's Gravatar

Vishesh Kumar    27 Mar, 2009 14:44:00 PM

twitter.com/visheshk/status/1400608126 Me too! Awesome theme! :D

Vishesh Kumar's Gravatar

Vishesh Kumar    27 Mar, 2009 14:44:02 PM

twitter.com/visheshk/status/1400608126 Me too! Awesome theme! :D

mimojito (aka Efren)'s Gravatar

mimojito (aka Efren)    27 Mar, 2009 14:53:31 PM

I'm not wearing any pants.


Constantinos Demetriadis's Gravatar

Constantinos Demetriadis    27 Mar, 2009 15:01:19 PM


I especially love the attention to the detail, and the admin is superb! Keep 'em coming!

Heeren Gandhi's Gravatar

Heeren Gandhi    27 Mar, 2009 15:08:30 PM

Hey guys... this theme looks awesome! Hopefully I can get a change to put it up in my new Wordpress install :)


Webbo's Gravatar

Webbo    27 Mar, 2009 15:13:36 PM


This theme looks amazing, front and back end. Good stuff guys.

Ash's Gravatar

Ash    27 Mar, 2009 15:15:43 PM


Awesome theme guys. Awesome competition. You guys are just awesome. This theme whould look great on my new liverpool blog :) Fingers crossed:)

Ash's Gravatar

Ash    27 Mar, 2009 15:16:56 PM

OOPS! Heres the correct link


Damian Connop's Gravatar

Damian Connop    27 Mar, 2009 15:22:22 PM


Great look. Want it. Want it now.

Donna Donohue's Gravatar

Donna Donohue    27 Mar, 2009 15:46:19 PM


this theme looks exactly like what I need for an upcoming video project. sure would save some development $ to win it.

chris's Gravatar

chris    27 Mar, 2009 16:52:25 PM


this theme looks great, thanks for the opportunity to win it.

rss_ems's Gravatar

rss_ems    27 Mar, 2009 17:40:13 PM

Me:) thanks so much!


Navjot Singh's Gravatar

Navjot Singh    27 Mar, 2009 17:46:32 PM

twitter.com/nspeaks/statuses/1401608517 - Posted here.

Navjot Singh's Gravatar

Navjot Singh    27 Mar, 2009 17:55:49 PM

Also Posted about the contest at www.submityourcontest.com/win-free-wordpress-theme-for-twittering/

Pallab's Gravatar

Pallab    27 Mar, 2009 17:59:09 PM

I am in twitter.com/indyan/status/1401647232

Tuan Anh's Gravatar

Tuan Anh    27 Mar, 2009 18:20:41 PM

This theme is so beautiful :) I like its options.


Alisko's Gravatar

Alisko    27 Mar, 2009 18:48:38 PM

i like this theme -> twitter.com/alisko/status/1401977954

krsnsk's Gravatar

krsnsk    27 Mar, 2009 19:09:03 PM


And bla bla bla end. :)

http://twitter.com/phoenixq/status/1402326401's Gravatar

http://twitter.com/phoenixq/status/1402326401    27 Mar, 2009 19:50:44 PM

Very cool guys, like the new layout a lot, its good to see you showing both sides rather than just a general over view.

Damien's Gravatar

Damien    27 Mar, 2009 19:53:18 PM

Nice work on the theme dude!


Rob Mason's Gravatar

Rob Mason    27 Mar, 2009 23:26:43 PM

Loving the blog! twitter.com/spongeproject/status/1403544910

Arian Xhezairi's Gravatar

Arian Xhezairi    27 Mar, 2009 23:28:23 PM

After watching the video presentation I now realized that I want a copy!


Great Job Oboxers.

Cristhian Bedon's Gravatar

Cristhian Bedon    28 Mar, 2009 00:14:46 AM

Great theme!


Robert Nelson's Gravatar

Robert Nelson    28 Mar, 2009 00:37:56 AM

Nice Theme

Robert Nelson's Gravatar

Robert Nelson    28 Mar, 2009 00:42:52 AM

twitter.com/nar321/status/1403871843 It isn't clear until it's too late that the link in the form doesn't automatically display. Hopefully I'm still in the running

CeuroK's Gravatar

CeuroK    28 Mar, 2009 00:57:55 AM


Was #12 and now #120 something. Does more than one retweet boost my chances? lol. Hopefully I get this theme so I can put it in use right away. Congrats on all the great exposure guys.

Maverick Grande's Gravatar

Maverick Grande    28 Mar, 2009 01:25:52 AM

Really nice theme :)


Indo Contest's Gravatar

Indo Contest    28 Mar, 2009 14:29:34 PM

I'm in. twitter.com/indocontest/statuses/1406629658

Wiehanne's Gravatar

Wiehanne    28 Mar, 2009 14:48:23 PM

I want that theme! Tweet here: twitter.com/wiehanne/status/1406680392

Joel's Gravatar

Joel    28 Mar, 2009 15:52:19 PM


I would LOVE an awesome wordpress theme like this for my website. Many of those features would be perfect for my blog... Love the look of it, too...

Dennis's Gravatar

Dennis    28 Mar, 2009 18:03:03 PM


Just a guy from Holland entering the random draw. Keep up the good work !

Shantha Abeyrathne's Gravatar

Shantha Abeyrathne    28 Mar, 2009 18:24:50 PM

awesome theme! :)


Nick Louie's Gravatar

Nick Louie    28 Mar, 2009 18:33:33 PM


this is amazing! I hope I win! KEEP IT UP! you guys are awesome!

Nick Louie's Gravatar

Nick Louie    28 Mar, 2009 18:35:47 PM

OH yes, one more, my message relevant to the video:

Lately, I have taken a great interest in Wordpress themes, and understanding how each theme is built under different scenarios. I am hoping that by using Hash One, I am able to gain not only inspiration, but a much greater understanding behind Wordpress designs.

Sean Su's Gravatar

Sean Su    28 Mar, 2009 19:47:28 PM


Wow absolutely gorgeous design. I would love to use it on my blog. If I don't win would you please offer something similar for a premium?

Aryan's Gravatar

Aryan    28 Mar, 2009 20:16:39 PM


oh man, this wordpress theme is very nice, and i would love it for www.loudreams.com

Bryce's Gravatar

Bryce    28 Mar, 2009 20:20:34 PM

The theme looks awesome!


Sean's Gravatar

Sean    28 Mar, 2009 21:00:09 PM


I love the theme! Hope I can use it for my site. :)

Mepho's Gravatar

Mepho    28 Mar, 2009 22:06:34 PM

Cool theme and great giveaway idea using twitter and web linkage~!


webbografico's Gravatar

webbografico    29 Mar, 2009 11:08:52 AM

here's my tweet:


Great theme, very well done boys... hoping to get one


Bill's Gravatar

Bill    29 Mar, 2009 16:19:21 PM

twitter.com/flyboy86326/status/1412192285 Looks like a great theme. I'd love to win it!

Jake Hayes's Gravatar

Jake Hayes    29 Mar, 2009 16:51:13 PM


this would make an awesome graduation present xD

Image Hosting's Gravatar

Image Hosting    29 Mar, 2009 20:18:53 PM

Upload and share images with friends and family at up2this.com

David's Gravatar

David    29 Mar, 2009 23:17:36 PM


Definitely a theme I'd use for any website I own.

Daniel's Gravatar

Daniel    30 Mar, 2009 03:34:42 AM


Great looking theme, good job making extending WordPress so well. It must be the great view out of your office all your hard work! Here's to your continued success!

John's Gravatar

John    30 Mar, 2009 03:56:24 AM


I love the unique video feature as well as all the other features loaded with the theme without the use of extra plugins.

Snow's Gravatar

Snow    30 Mar, 2009 06:44:48 AM


I must say that's a really nice theme for wordpress, great job, and thanks for the chance to win this prize

Matt Hancock's Gravatar

Matt Hancock    30 Mar, 2009 07:11:09 AM


I'm quite impressed by how Hash looks and acts. It would be nice to win this theme - it could even motivate me enough to start blogging again! :)

danielmd's Gravatar

danielmd    30 Mar, 2009 09:13:04 AM


Wow! is very beautiful theme, nice Job.

Simon's Gravatar

Simon    30 Mar, 2009 10:07:51 AM


Awesom theme, and great job you guys are doing here at from-the couch! Ill keep supporting. Cheers

shruti's Gravatar

shruti    30 Mar, 2009 11:08:42 AM


Awesome look. I would love to have it.

Robert's Gravatar

Robert    30 Mar, 2009 13:42:16 PM

Looks great!


Bernd Artmüller's Gravatar

Bernd Artmüller    30 Mar, 2009 13:45:58 PM


wow, really nice wordpress theme. keep on working

ps: i would really like to win this theme

DailyPush's Gravatar

DailyPush    30 Mar, 2009 15:18:40 PM


Great theme. I think this will help set the tone for future premium themes. Great Use of the jQuery in the Admin section. WP is a pretty straight forward Admin but adding those additional feautes to adjust the theme make it just that much easier and straight forward.

I hope we can see more themes like this in the future.

Donna Donohue's Gravatar

Donna Donohue    30 Mar, 2009 16:11:24 PM


this looks like the perfect theme for a client who is starting an online video site, and needs to keep it real. Thanks for your efforts on this one, I'll probably buy it once you have a demo up, if I don't win it. And keep making good vids from the couch!

Jason Adriaan's Gravatar

Jason Adriaan    30 Mar, 2009 16:20:21 PM



Rommel Miraflores's Gravatar

Rommel Miraflores    30 Mar, 2009 16:20:47 PM

Heh. I commented on the wrong post.

Here's my retweet: twitter.com/eyeondesigns/statuses/1417439425

Good luck to me...

Heldrik's Gravatar

Heldrik    30 Mar, 2009 17:51:20 PM

I was looking forward to start my personal blog (one of my goals this year), but I wanted an original design for it. I still can´t manage to design a working wordpress template of my own (too many little details). I hope to understand and be able to design wordpress templates by the end of the year. This will give me a good head start, for all the content I already have for my personal blog.


meredith's Gravatar

meredith    30 Mar, 2009 17:59:43 PM

you guys are so rocking this!!

bohoe's Gravatar

bohoe    30 Mar, 2009 19:16:30 PM

Just give it to me, will ya? twitter.com/bohoe/status/1418917624

SrpKlc's Gravatar

SrpKlc    30 Mar, 2009 19:51:22 PM


Sarah's Gravatar

Sarah    30 Mar, 2009 20:37:42 PM

This is a great giveaway, and a really nice theme. I'm in!


Craig Mayhem's Gravatar

Craig Mayhem    30 Mar, 2009 20:44:40 PM


Theme looks good. Always on the lookout for a great starting place.

CeuroK's Gravatar

CeuroK    30 Mar, 2009 20:57:03 PM


The day is almost here. I really hope I get one of the themes.

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Bettina    30 Mar, 2009 21:34:22 PM

Super bueno design... great job, want one please

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Bettina    30 Mar, 2009 21:34:57 PM


Super bueno design... great job, want one please

SrpKlc's Gravatar

SrpKlc    31 Mar, 2009 00:37:30 AM

was competition finish?

Luan Damasceno's Gravatar

Luan Damasceno    31 Mar, 2009 01:33:49 AM


Hash One theme is more than fantastic and wonderful!

Blue Pink Social bookmarking & links and post promotion Customizable Clean Video = OMG, This was exactly what I sought!

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NiKo    31 Mar, 2009 02:26:16 AM


A theme I'd totally put money down for!