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Episode 190 - Develop without an Ego
Posted on 21 January, 2010 at 14:36 PM There are already 4 Comments

About the Show

In this Episode David and Marc advise designers and developers to put their ego aside when presenting work to their clients and/or colleagues.

While being confident in your ability is a good thing, thinking that your solution is the only option is most likely to lead to disappointment. They also return to the "Community Journalism" topic, something they're still quite sceptical about.

User Comments

Alex Mcvitie's Gravatar

Alex Mcvitie    24 Jan, 2010 06:40:21 AM

Epic its hard to develop without an ego tho :P

Telemóveis's Gravatar

Telemóveis    28 Jan, 2010 14:49:48 PM

Episode 190?? Men, i will start watching...

John Loudon's Gravatar

John Loudon    17 Feb, 2010 01:55:52 AM

Loving the new site guys, no idea when it changed but its far more streamlined now.

I go on opinion all the time try to speak with the clients sales people to gage what works and doesn't work for thier clients. The only issue is I have noticed this has doubled the amount of work for other mockups and design ideas.

Its a bit of a flawed system I think you should research first and take there opinions on board then do say 2 - 3 mock ups with one being yours and the other two being yours leaning heavily on the feedback and then refine the one they pick.

Always a leaning process though. :) The web the ever moving machine :)

Nicole's Gravatar

Nicole    14 May, 2010 04:54:00 AM

I agree... Taking feedback and constructive criticism personally can really hurt you as a designer or developer. I started out as a designer serveral years ago and just had to learn over time to take mock up rejections and changes.

I would say that I'm definitely past the point now where it doesn't affect me. I think that if the client is paying for a service, they should get 100% exactly what they want, design and website wise. And since I've yet to fully develop my mind reading and psychic abilities, I will happily go through the trouble shooting process with them until they're raving about what I've created for them.