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Episode 188 - Get Featured, Then Advertise
Posted on 12 January, 2010 at 12:35 PM There are already 3 Comments

About the Show

David and Marc continue the trend of looking outside for inspiration, they also speak about testing the waters of a sites 'Click Through Rate' via being featured on them first. That way you can see what CTR would be if you were to advertize on them.

Take a look at the previews of our next two themes:

User Comments

Nik's Gravatar

Nik    12 Jan, 2010 19:03:37 PM

Great advice.

But what I really like about your episodes lately is the design inspiration. I got some sweet ideas after watching one of your last episodes (I think it was "Apples and Oranges")

It would be cool if ypu kept doing those.


David Perel's Gravatar

David Perel    12 Jan, 2010 20:58:29 PM

@Nik - That's awesome, I intend to add those little design suggestions in as often as I can. Super stoked you used one of them for your designs. Thanks for watching!

Bronson Quick's Gravatar

Bronson Quick    13 Jan, 2010 01:33:14 AM

Good to see another Computer Arts reading. That's one of the many geek mags I subscribe to each year but it's the only magazine that I always get overly excited by when it appears in my mailbox each month. Not only is it full of great content but I love the layouts each month as well.

Looking forward to seeing the new Obox design too. Hope it's going well bru!