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Episode 187 - Design with the Lights On
Posted on 08 January, 2010 at 15:23 PM There are already 5 Comments

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Marc and David explain why they think that designing e-commerce sites with a light colour scheme is more condusive to generating sales.

Using a dark colour scheme is like walking into a shop which is badly lit, it's not a welcoming enviroment which is why they are also on a mission to redesign and launch a new look for Obox.

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meredith's Gravatar

meredith    08 Jan, 2010 16:16:26 PM

I think there is some psychology behind dimmed lighting in retail... perhaps items "look better", you see less flaws, induces some kind of ambiance or something. I'm not a phycologist... but you know what I mean.

Those of us who'd prefer to make an informed, intelligent purchase decision would be annoyed by it, but not every one is like us :)

Also, "The couch" never used to be red, did it?

Marc Perel's Gravatar

Marc Perel    08 Jan, 2010 16:21:32 PM

Good point Meredith. Maybe they're stocking sub-par items, but as you say "not everyone is like us".

We do indeed have a new couch, along with the news-desk-see-what's-behind-us style location.

Bernd Artmueller's Gravatar

Bernd Artmueller    08 Jan, 2010 16:32:39 PM

I also agree with you guys..I would also don't go into a shop with bad lightning. But I also think, that it depends on the service you are trying to sell.

DanC's Gravatar

DanC    09 Jan, 2010 14:33:01 PM

This post has really made me think about the type of design work I have been doing and about how this idea has prehaps dominated my design over the last year or so without me even realising it.

Looking back over my portfolio for the last year, I realise I haven't made a single dark website for a client, the only one I see is my current portfolio site which the redesign is light and bright as well!

Although I agree with the basic principle of what you guys are saying in the video, I still think darker designs have their place on the web, for shop sites as well as anything else.

Now that my tendencies have been pointed out to me, in a rather round-about way, this should help me be a bit more creative with my next projects.

Cheers for the inspiration guys and sorry it's made me consider dark designs all over again!

Mick Sessions's Gravatar

Mick Sessions    10 Jan, 2010 13:29:35 PM

Black and white both have there place in web design.

As well as the aesthetic and psychological choices you have to consider other factors.

For example, do you understand the environmental impact of a darker colour scheme. If your target audience are still using CRT monitors then displaying black uses very little energy. On the flip side, an LCD screen uses less energy to display white.

I'm not an eco-warrior but this is another great point to help you justify using white space to a difficult client.

remember, the environment determines the behaviour...