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Episode 186 - Apples and Oranges
Posted on 07 January, 2010 at 12:08 PM There are already 9 Comments

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David and Marc argue a point for the new Google Nexus One. Is it really fair to compare it to the iPhone?

They also visit their old friend, the magazine, an inspring tool for all web designers.

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Josh's Gravatar

Josh    07 Jan, 2010 12:31:45 PM

Nice to see you guys back video blogging. Agreed, Google's phone will probably improve as time goes on, but you hit the key point in my mind, WTF is a trackball doing on a touchscreen phone. To me that just shows a lack of connection with the consumer. Also I wish they wouldn't go with plastic casing. It just feels cheesy after hefting an iphone. I am glad that someone else is stepping into the ring to compete with apple, that is what google is really good at. They have shown that they aren't scared to jump into a dominated market and stir things up e.g Google.com, Chrome, Chrome OS, Android OS, and now Nexus. All of these were and some still are standing in the shadow of giant, successful products. Even if they never overtake the iphone this will increase the quality of mobile devices across the spectrum and probably the iphone as well.

Christopher Da Sie's Gravatar

Christopher Da Sie    07 Jan, 2010 12:43:55 PM

Hey Guys,

I definitely agree with you. I don't think the Nexus One will bring down Apple or the iPhone. I think they will both feel their niche markets to both live in.

Recently, I had to switch to over to the HTC and Android systems because my iPhone had some issues but after about 2 months, I've gone back to my iPhone. For me, it's just the better system based on my needs. I think the Blackberry does the same thing. Each of these 'Smartphones' will be able to coexist because people are going to need different things to satisfy their daily lives. So it really is impossible to compare them as such tough competitors to each other. I think as people use each system they hype will go down and people will find the phone that is right for them.

Cheers to you boys. It's good to see you video blogging again. Looking forward to what's next.


Marc Perel's Gravatar

Marc Perel    07 Jan, 2010 13:08:06 PM

Thanks for the welcoming back guys, feels good to be back on the couch!

Fred, I agree with you on both points, the tracking ball shouldn't be necessary, and I also don't agree with the casing. I think these are two throwbacks of being based on HTC hardware. What baffles me is that HTC have the ability to make such attractive phones (look at the Diamond and Touch HD) I think that they could have done a better job for the Nexus.

Chris, you're right, everyone can co-exist, that's why there's such a thing as competition! There'll never just be one solution, just like there wasn't when phones still had buttons, so I don't think it's wise for people to talk about domination.

Hopefully these companies push the boundaries and come up with even more cool things. I'm still waiting for a cool new Small Form Factor phone! It seems that companies are neglecting phones which aren't like a personal computer in size and function. I'd love to see a iPhone Nano or something of the sort. eg. My 'old' phone, the Nokia 6300 was such a great phone in size, weighting and ergonomics (I know it has buttons but I don't mind)

meredith's Gravatar

meredith    07 Jan, 2010 15:52:30 PM

In regard to what Dave touched on briefly at first... and what Marc said in his comment regarding buttons, something just hit me...

'We' design websites to be three dimensional and emulate real life things, like buttons, and yet "real life things" are trying hard to flatten out and be buttonless, like the web. Huh.

Alex van Tonder's Gravatar

Alex van Tonder    07 Jan, 2010 17:10:18 PM

Cellphones are at the awesome place fashion was 80 years ago. Back then it was just Chanel, Christian Dior and Hermes. Then everyone started making clothes! The cycle of consumerism will repeat itself 4 eva. Y'all just gotta decide whether your Personal Brand is more Classic, Clean & Understated (iPhone) or whether y'all like your titties hanging out and flashing your vag when you get out the car (Nexus). Peace y'alls. Miss u Coco.

David Perel's Gravatar

David Perel    07 Jan, 2010 18:04:15 PM

Alex you make me laugh. Excellent point sisbro.

Kyle Steed's Gravatar

Kyle Steed    07 Jan, 2010 19:55:17 PM

That's why I'm still rocking the Zach Morris phone - cld.ly/dcznh

David Perel's Gravatar

David Perel    07 Jan, 2010 20:00:26 PM


John Loudon's Gravatar

John Loudon    31 Jul, 2010 10:29:48 AM

Got the HTC Desire, its really good.

On a side note why have you guys not been making new posts since Jan ??