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Episode 185 - Design like a Dictator
Posted on 06 January, 2010 at 15:06 PM There are already 2 Comments

About the Show

David and Marc sit on the couch for the first time in 2010, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle anything and everything that comes their way.

David takes inspiration from car designers Pininfarina and Italdesign, and speaks about how to become a great designer and how designing like a dictator will help you progress.

Think in the future instead of in the now.

User Comments

Vidit Kothari's Gravatar

Vidit Kothari    06 Jan, 2010 15:00:22 PM

A lovely site, helpful resource for designers in the bud!!!

Awesome concept!!! Thanks for coming to me virtual world!!!

adijuh's Gravatar

adijuh    23 Jan, 2010 12:50:42 PM

Thanks for the interesting