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Creating Indented Text
Posted on 06 February, 2009 at 16:24 PM There are already 8 Comments

About the Show

We show you how to create one of the trends for 2009 - Subtle text indents.

This is our very first screencast, so if you enjoy it, many more will follow.

Feedback is appreciated!

User Comments

Chris M's Gravatar

Chris M    06 Feb, 2009 16:26:25 PM

That's very cool dude, I dig quick snippets!

Marc Perel's Gravatar

Marc Perel    06 Feb, 2009 16:32:13 PM

I even learnt something new here!

meredith's Gravatar

meredith    06 Feb, 2009 16:35:02 PM

yah I agree. nice and quick. good info too.

David Perel's Gravatar

David Perel    06 Feb, 2009 16:37:26 PM

@Chris @Meredith - Glad I can be of a service

@Marc - Dude are you serious?!

Marc Perel's Gravatar

Marc Perel    06 Feb, 2009 16:41:20 PM

@David - Yah, in terms of the light coming from the bottom. Believe it b***!

Roy Vergara's Gravatar

Roy Vergara    06 Feb, 2009 18:49:55 PM

I'm liking your new screencast. Great tutorial, quick and easy! Looking forward to more of these.

Bob Orchard's Gravatar

Bob Orchard    10 Feb, 2009 03:41:01 AM

Great screencast - I actually use a feather equal to the shadow distance and the angle to 300 degrees to do a lot of mine- works great, but mainly only when applied on top of a lighter background. Take a look into it at

BTW: I'm a die-hard Fireworks guy too, Photoshop's only used when I have to use it.

Rob MacKay's Gravatar

Rob MacKay    11 Feb, 2009 12:50:47 PM

Its nice to see Fireworks getting some love :) I must admit I do everything in Illustrator and Photoshop - but I do love fireworks for slicing... Videos like this expand my fireworks understanding :)