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Creating an effective Mood Board
Posted on 09 March, 2009 at 17:57 PM There are already 38 Comments

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By creating a mood board you can tackle many issues early on, which you would usually encounter too late into a project.

In this screencast David gives you a run down of the type of mood boards Obox creates.

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User Comments

Talya Goldberg's Gravatar

Talya Goldberg    09 Mar, 2009 18:00:05 PM

Absolutely Faaabulous!!

justBcoz's Gravatar

justBcoz    09 Mar, 2009 18:05:26 PM

My my my ... you guys are coming on in thunderous leaps and bounds!

Very impressive :-)

Onwards and upwards xxx

Philip Rawson's Gravatar

Philip Rawson    09 Mar, 2009 18:18:58 PM

Excellent! I cannot say how glad I am to come across an idea like this right now. It's perfect. Thank you for the inspiration, I'm glad you had time to roll out the new episode today.

James Deer's Gravatar

James Deer    09 Mar, 2009 18:28:53 PM

Very inspirational guys. Really like it. Going

Mark's Gravatar

Mark    09 Mar, 2009 19:23:07 PM

Wow, why didn't I think of that? Like you said, I spend a lot of time creating pretty detailed proposals for designs, and usually I have to adjust quote a few things. It's prety easy in Photoshop, but still, I've spent a lot of time before the client even approves anything.

Heel erg bedankt!

Julie's Gravatar

Julie    09 Mar, 2009 21:17:50 PM

Fantastic! I sent this video to one of my college professors, who I think will jump with joy at this idea of presentation! Organization just makes everything so much easier to communicate to a client.

Cheers, Julie

George's Gravatar

George    10 Mar, 2009 03:22:24 AM

Fantastic recommendation. I can already see that this is going to cut my proposal time way down. Thanks for another great video, guys.

Daniel Donnelly's Gravatar

Daniel Donnelly    10 Mar, 2009 07:16:59 AM

As a freelance designer, I've created quite a few mood boards for The Wonder Factory in NY. They use them on all of their large Web projects. Check out the Web site to see how they put them together.

I like the way TWF showcases their work on the site as well, with the wireframes and the moods, and then final projects.



David Perel's Gravatar

David Perel    10 Mar, 2009 08:50:19 AM

Thanks very much everyone. Julie, thank you for spreading the word of our shows... especially to a college professor!! Humbling indeed. Daniel, I will check out that link now, I am always interested to see how other people do it.

P.S - I think Marc needs to develop some threaded commenting here.

Gabe's Gravatar

Gabe    10 Mar, 2009 08:51:10 AM

Thank you for the great idea and demonstration, this exactly what I am needing right now and is going to save me a lot of time with future clients. I really appreciate it!

Oxide's Gravatar

Oxide    10 Mar, 2009 13:52:26 PM

Great tip really. You're absolutely right on the fact that it's helping to put ideas in a better way.

Colorburned's Gravatar

Colorburned    10 Mar, 2009 15:19:05 PM

Great explanation of mood boards. Very helpful!


Rob MacKay's Gravatar

Rob MacKay    10 Mar, 2009 15:52:07 PM

Awesome job again guys :D Thx :)

demogar's Gravatar

demogar    10 Mar, 2009 17:34:38 PM

This is one of the best ideas I've ever seen. Thank you very much for the recommendation

Tony Oravet's Gravatar

Tony Oravet    10 Mar, 2009 18:39:34 PM

What a great post and what a great idea! Thanks so much!

Matthew Smith's Gravatar

Matthew Smith    10 Mar, 2009 21:38:43 PM

Ha ha! There's squaredeye.com! Great tutorial. Pretty different than our process, but I like it. Getting your own process is key. Well done!

liam's Gravatar

liam    11 Mar, 2009 14:39:02 PM

Hey, glad I could be of assistance! Great video and good to see that it's helped so many people. I think it's important to find something that works for you, as soon as I started using this method it worked and I loved it, it gave me something to refer back to while I'm working and gives your client a good idea of what is going on in your head before you start the work.

Good to see it's working for you guys too!

Rafael Nascimento Sampaio's Gravatar

Rafael Nascimento Sampaio    11 Mar, 2009 15:30:25 PM

Great, here where I live is dificult to see people doing this, normaly their draw something from their heads, and when the pass to pc to final stage is complete diferent, I like to think sistematic, in a order like Shape -> Type -> Color -> final ajustments, but here in my city (near São Paulo Brazil) people don't do that, in the companies where i work people just say to forget it;

Far a month I'm a freelancer, and I work less than my last job and receive more. Think in my last job i receive in brazilian currency more or less 300 dolars, how freelancer in my first week I've receive 150bucks. to finalize, the obox team is a great inspiration for me, and I watch your videos very often, someones more than one time, and I recomend to my designers friends too

I follow you in twitter my nickname is ooredroxoo;

Jayna Wallace's Gravatar

Jayna Wallace    11 Mar, 2009 15:42:46 PM

Great presentation! Nice to see more people adding moodboards to their design process!

Tom Osborne over at Viget put together a blog post about all the different types of moodboards awhile back: www.viget.com/inspire/getting-moody/ Well worth reading.

Great tutorial!

Bernd Artmüller's Gravatar

Bernd Artmüller    12 Mar, 2009 01:19:26 AM

hey guys...

really nice idea...i'll try to make a mood board on the next projects

David Searle's Gravatar

David Searle    13 Mar, 2009 11:25:20 AM

Thanks to www.adambird.co.uk for sending me the link to this great video. My question is.. How do you present this to your client? Is it on screen or printed? The layout is very wide, how do you get it to fit the output?

Thanks again :)

Rob MacKay's Gravatar

Rob MacKay    13 Mar, 2009 12:18:44 PM

@David S

Personally I would do it as PDF... But I suppose you could safe it as a JPG/PNG...

David Perel's Gravatar

David Perel    13 Mar, 2009 13:06:59 PM

@David - Rob is correct mate, we convert it to a jpg. From there we either phone them via skype/phone and I explain to them every item... that process can take 30mins. If they can't be contacted via phone then I just email them the jpg and give a brief explanation of what they have received.

Before any project is started we send them quite a detailed brake down of the steps we take to develop their site. In there is a description of step 1... which is creating a mood board. It is key to not surprise your clients in a bad way. Layout everything for them in black and white.

I hope that helps.

David Searle's Gravatar

David Searle    13 Mar, 2009 16:00:16 PM

@David Thank broe, that makes sense. It works well on screen, I wondered if you cut it up a bit to make it fit a print format.

I'll be keeping an eye on your site for some more great tips.

Analiza's Gravatar

Analiza    13 Mar, 2009 17:43:52 PM

Will definitely try this out on my next project... Thanks David - inspiring stuff!

Kimberly Beaven's Gravatar

Kimberly Beaven    18 Mar, 2009 19:48:26 PM

Hey David, is there any way you could send some info on the 10 pixel method as the link is not viewable in Canada for some reason - I remember seeing the wearenotfreelancers.co.za site once, but now I cannot even get it.

A True Canadian fan :)

Ryan Glover's Gravatar

Ryan Glover    05 May, 2009 18:18:54 PM

That was awesome. Can't wait to implement this with new projects. Thanks!

Hatkim's Gravatar

Hatkim    27 Jul, 2009 19:50:20 PM

Great Article very interesting i will bookmark this page

tashfeen's Gravatar

tashfeen    08 Aug, 2009 15:08:52 PM

This video made me very happy, because without having a name for it I've been following this approach for years! Nice work, btw :)

Chad Smith's Gravatar

Chad Smith    17 Aug, 2009 02:50:43 AM

Awesome way to go through the creative process. Any way to save time with clients is a welcome post. Great Job! Keep 'em coming!

Stevi3's Gravatar

Stevi3    05 Oct, 2009 23:20:26 PM

What program is used here?

ronnie v's Gravatar

ronnie v    10 Nov, 2009 19:35:19 PM

Hey awesome thing here. I really needed something to really help me out with clients and everything.

i have a couple dumb questions but would be severely helpful for me -What size do you create your moodboard in fireworks at? - What size do you create you site mockups at - actual size? or smaller? - Would you ever release a fireworks template for a mood board.

Thanks a ton

Niki Brown's Gravatar

Niki Brown    11 Nov, 2009 14:20:14 PM

Great vid! Seems like moodboards are the step in between wireframing and creating mockups. It also seems to be a great deliverable to the client and shows some tangible evidence of the 'research' phase that so many clients don't seem to understand.

I'd be curious how this would work for a logo design, or another type of design.

marsha's Gravatar

marsha    10 Jan, 2010 17:51:38 PM

Thanks for sharing mood boards - I will be using them!!!

Financial Planning Raleigh's Gravatar

Financial Planning Raleigh    23 Jan, 2010 13:48:54 PM

Hi nice to read this I realy like to

oKino's Gravatar

oKino    28 Jan, 2010 16:38:31 PM

Thanks for the video again :))))))

K1z Oyunlar1's Gravatar

K1z Oyunlar1    15 Feb, 2010 02:35:29 AM

Thats cool. will watch it again and again.