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Competition Details to win Hash One
Posted on 25 March, 2009 at 14:54 PM There are already 26 Comments

About the Show

With the launch of our premium Wordpress theme 'Hash One' coming very very soon, David and Marc decided it would be best if they explained one or two details about how you can win a copy.

Launch day is the 26th of March 2009. Be ready.

Below are some real screenshots of the theme:

Home Page:

Home Page

Hash One Post Page:

Hash One Post Page

User Comments

Matty's Gravatar

Matty    25 Mar, 2009 15:28:32 PM

Very cool looking theme guys. Getting excited over here. :)

Am super keen to see the additional functionality that's been added to the theme. Love seeing how things work under the hood. :)

Luc's Gravatar

Luc    25 Mar, 2009 15:32:44 PM

Very cool - do you design at full height, or are those screenshots amalgamations of lots of comps?

David Perel's Gravatar

David Perel    25 Mar, 2009 15:37:23 PM

@Luc - Those are screenshots of the HTML files. Usually I try to keep a design's height within 3000px in Fireworks.

Hugh Collier's Gravatar

Hugh Collier    25 Mar, 2009 16:24:14 PM

Have to say guys, the themes lookin freakin awesome! I'm away from my mac tomorrow so it looks like I'm gonna be busy on me mobile then.

Caleb's Gravatar

Caleb    25 Mar, 2009 16:46:04 PM

O! Retweeting this for sure! Fantastic wordpress theme!

Aaron Irizarry's Gravatar

Aaron Irizarry    25 Mar, 2009 16:53:14 PM

Awesome! Really excited about this... Would definitely rock this theme!

Byron's Gravatar

Byron    25 Mar, 2009 17:12:40 PM

Love the theme guys. Looks really good. I would sport it for sure! Thanks!


meredith's Gravatar

meredith    25 Mar, 2009 18:14:53 PM

hi guys

looks really sweet i love a good competition. I'm going to site this one out though, as I have nothing to use it for, and I think you guys want it to be used! I also don't think I could just let it be and not tweak and morph things for my own use, and I know you don't want that. So i'm showing my support by not competing! :)


Mike Smith's Gravatar

Mike Smith    25 Mar, 2009 20:58:53 PM

I'll definitely be tweeting this. Regardless if I win or not, this is an awesome looking theme and I would definitely want to help support you guys in any way I can.

Oh, and since I forgot to comment before, congrats on 100 episodes ;)

Rob MacKay's Gravatar

Rob MacKay    25 Mar, 2009 22:08:11 PM

Great job guys :) I wanna see all the jQuery bits now :D

Tony Oravet's Gravatar

Tony Oravet    26 Mar, 2009 15:38:22 PM

Hey guys! Love the new theme! I cannot wait to see it in action! Looking forward to the competition!

madmax2600's Gravatar

madmax2600    26 Mar, 2009 16:35:39 PM

finally i made it. great stuff again. thx dave

madmax2600's Gravatar

madmax2600    26 Mar, 2009 16:37:51 PM

finally i made it. great stuff again. thx dave

Dan Reifenberger's Gravatar

Dan Reifenberger    26 Mar, 2009 18:57:57 PM

I love the theme guys! Keep them coming!

Dan Reifenberger's Gravatar

Dan Reifenberger    26 Mar, 2009 18:58:48 PM

Oh, and here is the link:

Vic Garbutt's Gravatar

Vic Garbutt    26 Mar, 2009 21:52:17 PM

Colorburned's Gravatar

Colorburned    27 Mar, 2009 07:30:44 AM

Good luck with the contest guys! I'm interested in learning how the contest turns out.

Danny Batista's Gravatar

Danny Batista    27 Mar, 2009 22:28:31 PM

great looking theme fellas! keep up the great work!

dragyn's Gravatar

dragyn    29 Mar, 2009 00:04:25 AM

I really like the design aspects of this theme. well done

themisfit's Gravatar

themisfit    30 Mar, 2009 08:43:43 AM

Nice theme, can't wait till it's released.

Rommel Miraflores's Gravatar

Rommel Miraflores    30 Mar, 2009 14:38:37 PM

Awesome looking theme! Great job. Here's the link to my retweet:

good luck to me...

Malcolm's Gravatar

Malcolm    30 Mar, 2009 22:02:55 PM

Very slick. And I love limited editions!


Ronen Bekerman's Gravatar

Ronen Bekerman    01 Apr, 2009 23:57:02 PM

Great Looking theme, How soon can i win my copy?

seobag's Gravatar

seobag    05 Apr, 2009 18:43:15 PM

Nice theme and design.

Kyle's Gravatar

Kyle    15 Apr, 2009 08:39:32 AM

Good clean design! I wish I could see more WordPress designs like this...

neon tabela's Gravatar

neon tabela    29 Aug, 2009 21:01:10 PM

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