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In this Episode David and Marc advise designers and developers to put their ego aside when presenting work to their clients and/or colleagues.

While being confident in your ability is a good thing, thinking that your solution is the only option is most likely to lead to disappointment. They also return to the "Community Journalism" topic, something they're still quite sceptical about.

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Nicole's Gravatar

Nicole    14 May, 2010 04:54:00 AM

I agree... Taking feedback and constructive criticism personally can really hurt you as a designer or developer. I started out as a designer serveral years ago and just had to learn over time to take mock up rejections and changes. I would say that I'm definitely past the point now where it doesn't affect me. I think that if the client is paying for a service, they should get 100% exactly what they want, design and website wise. And since I've yet to fully develop my mind reading ...

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Last week Tumblr announced its new Premium Theme directory and since we have been in the premium micro blogging market for a long time now (we consider ourselves the first to the market) we felt obligated to jump on board. The moment Tumblr made the announcement we managed to get hold of them and propose that we contribute to their new section. No less than 10 minutes later we got a reply

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About the Show

David and Marc give you their thoughts on finding inspiration and using it effectively.

Finding inspiration is great but instead of just copying straight from your source take it to the next level.

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Becky's Gravatar

Becky    26 Apr, 2011 02:08:00 AM

The advice is useful, thank you. Just as a suggestion, you may want to do something about the echo in you apartment, it sometimes makes it difficult to understand what you are saying. Also, visual aids wouldn't hurt....

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About the Show

David and Marc continue the trend of looking outside for inspiration, they also speak about testing the waters of a sites 'Click Through Rate' via being featured on them first. That way you can see what CTR would be if you were to advertize on them.

Take a look at the previews of our next two themes:

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Bronson Quick's Gravatar

Bronson Quick    13 Jan, 2010 01:33:14 AM

Good to see another Computer Arts reading. That's one of the many geek mags I subscribe to each year but it's the only magazine that I always get overly excited by when it appears in my mailbox each month. Not only is it full of great content but I love the layouts each month as well. Looking forward to seeing the new Obox design too. Hope it's going well bru!...

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Episode 187 - Design with the Lights On
08 Jan '10 | There are already 5 Comments

About the Show

Marc and David explain why they think that designing e-commerce sites with a light colour scheme is more condusive to generating sales.

Using a dark colour scheme is like walking into a shop which is badly lit, it's not a welcoming enviroment which is why they are also on a mission to redesign and launch a new look for Obox.

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Mick Sessions's Gravatar

Mick Sessions    10 Jan, 2010 13:29:35 PM

Black and white both have there place in web design. As well as the aesthetic and psychological choices you have to consider other factors. For example, do you understand the environmental impact of a darker colour scheme. If your target audience are still using CRT monitors then displaying black uses very little energy. On the flip side, an LCD screen uses less energy to display white. I'm not an eco-warrior but this is another great point to help you justify using white space to a dif...

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Episode 186 - Apples and Oranges
07 Jan '10 | There are already 9 Comments

About the Show

David and Marc argue a point for the new Google Nexus One. Is it really fair to compare it to the iPhone?

They also visit their old friend, the magazine, an inspring tool for all web designers.

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John Loudon's Gravatar

John Loudon    31 Jul, 2010 10:29:48 AM

Got the HTC Desire, its really good. On a side note why have you guys not been making new posts since Jan ??...

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Episode 185 - Design like a Dictator
06 Jan '10 | There are already 2 Comments

About the Show

David and Marc sit on the couch for the first time in 2010, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle anything and everything that comes their way.

David takes inspiration from car designers Pininfarina and Italdesign, and speaks about how to become a great designer and how designing like a dictator will help you progress.

Think in the future instead of in the now.

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adijuh's Gravatar

adijuh    23 Jan, 2010 12:50:42 PM

Thanks for the interesting ...

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